Our boats will win you over faster than they drive.


Tested by the toughest pilots. Under the toughest weather conditions. In the toughest races. Ceasar racing boats are built for a single purpose: To give you more fun, for longer.


Our boats are the perfect toy for adrenaline junkies. With up to 90 PS, they offer maximum racing action – wherever you want to go: After all, Ceasar boats are designed to handle any waters.


Ceasar boats don't save on quality or PS. You, however, can save a great deal: Our racing boats are roughly half the price of comparable Jet Skis.
Having fun can be so reasonable!


Ceasar inflatable boats are some of the most popular racing boats worldwide, which is hardly surprising as they are some of the best racing boats worldwide. They have put the exceptional racing qualities to the test many times over the years. For example at the Trans Agulhas which, covering a distance of 1,000 kilometres over five days, is the longest and toughest inflatable boat race in the world.


Ceasar Inflatables.
Like flying – only on water.


Ceasar Inflatables was founded 20 years ago in South Africa – with the goal of shaking up the world of water racing sports by developing high-quality inflatable boats. Admittedly, we achieved this very goal many years ago already, but we haven’t let that slow us down. On the contrary: We are fully committed to the continued advancement of our products.

Why? Firstly, because we want to offer our customers first-rate quality and maximum racing action. Secondly, because we really love to win! Ceasar’s racing team has already won a string of international titles: first in South Africa, and then in Australia and New Zealand.

A few years ago, the passion for inflatables racing finally hit Europe. Of course we’re not going to sit on our heels: We won’t rest until everyone in Germany is driving Ceasar boats.

Seriously though, it would make our day if we could get you interested in our racing boats. Write to us – we would be happy to send you more information.


We offer you the possibility to have your logo printed on our boats. Please feel free to contact us at any time.